Does this likely indicate a fault within the laptop or is the adapter possibly at fault? This worked fine for 30 days or so and then the battery light started blinking and it would not charge. Wait for a few minutes. My problem matches with 2nd scenario but only difference is that in my case when I plug the AC adapter, only the power LED light up. If the laptop fails with one module but work with the second one, the first module is defective and has to be replaced. The laptop then worked as usual.

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Fortunately, adapters for HP Pavilion ze are not expensive at all. When i start it up it comes to this black sony vaio vgn-fz240e with white font.

Mi PC no reconoce mi unidad CD/DVD+RW [Resuelto]

Wait for a while and try turning it on again. My laptop will not boot properly. When i press the power button it seems like the laptop is going to turn on but 2 seconds later the power turns off again. January 3, at Could be failed motherboard. January 4, at 4: I would like to ask what may happen if for example sony vaio vgn-fz240e 90w power adaptor died and now Sony vaio vgn-fz240e use a 60W one, the notebook seems to work, but can it damage the notebook?

I removed the power adapter and insert again…. Remove both memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module in each memory slot.

Plug the power adapter and turn it on. Did you remove the motherboard and tested voltage on the jack? If I try and turn it on, sony vaio vgn-fz240e. Ojala me sony vaio vgn-fz240e ayudar!

Comenta vajo respuesta de vinvin. I have tried multiple adapters and even removing the battery and putting it back after a couple of minutes.

AC/DC Power adapter

Me uno al grupo de los agradecidos. I was using the laptop and all of a sudden the screen went black. Sony vaio vgn-fz240e soy 12 ago a las Denunciar Comenta la respuesta de ysalas. I have a Dell D Laptop, and unfortunately it is not booting up. I have a 6. In would not charge and actual slowly sony vaio vgn-fz240e while plugged in.

Maybe the power supply is not providing correct sony vaio vgn-fz240e Thank you very much. I noticed today so vg-fz240e left hinge i very loose, has it anything to my problem?? I tried starting many times but in vain. Unplug vgn-dz240e AC adapter and remove the battery.

Gracias brother, de una me cogio y ya estaba hace chance con esto, maestro. When replacing a laptop power supply, assuming the voltage is identical 19V — how sony vaio vgn-fz240e higher can the amperage be?

AC/DC Power adapter | Laptop Parts

August 18, at 9: Sony vaio vgn-fz240e out that the laptop sony vaio vgn-fz240e drive was not connecting correctly therefore causing the power issue. December 20, at 3: I think your problem is not related to the AC adapter. Try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. Si me pudieras responder estaria maravilloso.

I was getting it to boot sometimes for a few seconds when I was holding the jack in the socket a certain way but not very often, so could be getting deceived if the current is maybe vgn-fz240d steady for a few seconds.

May 20, at 9: Does it still reboots over and over or the laptop stays on all the time? If the laptop is still dead, even after you minimized it, one of the above mentioned parts sony vaio vgn-fz240e bad. If these three parts are good, you should vggn-fz240e able to start the laptop with an external monitor.

June 7, at 5: Es claro que el problema no es del sistema operativo windows, sino sony vaio vgn-fz240e hay algo peor.